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Welcome to PreSoft AG Solutions

PreSoft AG Solutions ("PreSoft") offers a complete web-based solution for the Agriculture and Turfgrass industries.  It provides data in "real-time" for monitoring, analyzing, and controlling* sensors and irrigation devices in remote Farm and Turfgrass locations deploying latest telemetry and high-speed wireless Internet technologies.  Data from sensors such as, soil moisture, temperature, and rain gauge is collected in real-time and presented in a tabular, graphical, and analytical modules of PreSoft's patented web-based FarmLincTM, and TurfLincTM applications. This data is presented on a remote desktop or laptop, or an Internet-enabled PDA, Blackberry, or iPhone at anytime and anywhere in the world. Upto 50% savings in water, fuel, electricity, and labor can be realized by recommended use of PreSoft's products. In a nutshell, PreSoft's portal solutions help farmers and turfgrass growers  save vital resources such as water, fuel, labor, increase crop yields with better quality, and help with better Farm and Turfgrass management!

The Portals

PreSofts FarmLincTM and TurfLincTM  portals provide real-time data in a secured browser window on a desktop/laptop, or on an internet-enabled mobile device such as PDA, Blackberry, or iPhone. These portals are robust, easy to use, and secured. Once data is collected in the Portal database, it is analyzed and presented in various formats including charts, tabular data by minutes, day, week, month, quarter, or year, and provide capability to e-mail, print, and export data into Excel or PDF formats. In addition, these portals include optional crop specific recommendation modules that provide vital information, such as "when to irrigate and how long to irrigate", via specific crop model integration. These Portals are powerful yet user-friendly and provide capability to customize its look and feel and add other useful information such as  Links, Calendar, Events, Weather, or other pertinent Agriculture or Turgrass related information. Automation via PreSoft's portal technology, not only improves efficiency and productivity, and but provides significant savings in critical resources such as water, fuel, electric, and labor costs. The bottomline is that PreSoft's Farm and Turfgrass Management Portals help in Conservation of Critical Natural Resources, Increased Crop Yields with Better Quality, and Better Farm Turfgrass Management!

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